Monday, October 30, 2006

Some Graffiti Art by Jordan Bz.

Just some old graffiti. sorry about the ones without color. "Some people become cops to make the world a better place, some people become vandals to make the world a better looking place."-Banksy

The Eko and Craze piece were done about 3 months ago. I used colored pencil to fill it in. Nice coloring, Eh?
The City Scene with the drips, is a Werk piece. Werk is my graffiti alias. The second one with the splatters is my most recent. comment it and tell me what you like. sorry no color yet.


phantasmagoria experimenta said...

cool, Jordan.
You've got the hang of it.

phantasmagoria experimenta said...

this is so cool!!
<3 ur bff

phantasmagoria experimenta said...

i love how the letters jump out and seem to be moving. nice work. next step may be airbrush??? hope you've had a great summer.