Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A typical Saturday at Flashlight Project

We meet from 12 to 5pm at the Bass Museum of Art, 2121 Park Avenue, Miami Beach. This is us in our lab. We view films and videos of experimental work, we have lunch together, and we make art using digital media - and draw, collage, etc. as well.

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phantasmagoria experimenta said...

kt Burges: "The Flashlight Program is too good to be true! I've never met anyone like Dinorah and Michelle who are so encouraging to students. I love the Flashlight Program because it's a great way for me to work on projects on my own time. The environment is also very free spirited, so I don't feel like I'm at school or at a class. Dinorah and Michelle also offer great suggestions to help me decide on a direction I want to go in for a specific project. I don't know what else to say except how great it is! I wish more students interested in art knew about this program!"

Victoria De la Torre: "I think this is a really great program that keeps students interested in their creative artistic side. Dinorah and Michelle were amazing, helpful and were great mentors and friends. I always loved art but they really showed me that I could make a "living" from something I enjoy doing. I hope the program continues for as long as possible so that many new generations of young people can reach their full creative potential. Thanks for everything!"